Gorgeous Healthy Skin

#1 ingredient is organic virgin olive oil - which is known to be extremely gentle, moisturizing, and healing

Real Ingredients
  • Goat Milk Soap

    We dare say your skin has finally found a best friend.  Besides the fantastic oils used, the incredible properties of goat milk adds richness, healthy fats, and long lasting moisture to your skin.

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  • Vegan

    For you, we’ve formulated a combination of oils known for cleaning, nurturing, and soothing your skin sans any animal products so you can be gentle and pamper yourself.

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  • Travel Size

    When you need a smaller bar for that weekend getaway, stay true to your skin with the ideal travel size bar. These travel light, are compact, and give you the same exceptional quality you’ve come to love and rely on.

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  • Our Story

    I wish I could adequately explain how my hands used to look. Back in 2001 they were completely red, swollen, broken skin, damaged nailbeds, I could go on. Now they are healthy and a beautiful piece of art.

  • Odds & Ends

    Since each piece of soap is hand cut, an “Odd Piece” happens when a piece is too big or small, a unique odd size. An “End Piece” is when one side is crinkle cut, and the other is flat like the shape of the mold. 

    Odds & Ends 
  • Protecting the Future

    Live your legacy while

    * supporting the environment

    * using real ingredients

    * automatic carbon-neutral shipping

    Our Practices