We're all about removing limitations and living your legacy.  That is only possible when you help lift others around you and take care of what's in our charge.  So, here's a bit about our practices.

Ingredients - No bleach, dyes, or other yucky ingredients. Before saponification, everything we use can be found in kitchen cupboards. Real ingredients make a difference. 

Packing - You'll notice our packing is comprised of wood shavings and air tubes. The wood shavings come from a local woodworker, and the air tubes are used in our supplier's packing.  Reusing items is a small part of what we do for the environment.

Carbon Neutral - Our website it hosted by Shopify.  As such, part of the fees we pay each month goes towards offsetting the carbon produced from shipping, resulting in a carbon-neutral shipping experience.  

What will you do today to live the legacy you want to have?