Store owner with daughter and goats

February 14, 2010. That was when I made my first batch of soap. Begrudgingly I might add. At my husband’s continual requests, and after several months of researching numerous oils, I did it. I made a batch of soap. After it cured and I tried the first bar, I was hooked.

I wish I could adequately explain how my hands used to look. Back in 2001 they were completely red, swollen, broken skin, damaged nailbeds, I could go on. I hid my hands as often as I could, and wore gloves frequently. Not only did I feel incredibly self-conscious, but so much of my skin was brittle. Painful. And itchy beyond belief. Small blisters would erupt like volcanoes spreading further deterioration to my skin. Medicine could not provide lasting relief.

After I made that first batch, I was eager to try different oils and see what the results would be. Almost three years later, I nailed down the recipe that is here for you today. I love it. My skin looks healthy and supple. I’ve gained a confidence I’ve never had before. I’ve seen so many people with dry, irritated looking skin – and have often passed a bar along to them to try. Those people have told their friends and the demand has grown so much that here I am, offering a soap that can be a solution to so many people’s skin dilemmas. Try a bar, see for yourself. And pass the word along.

At Legacy Soapworks, our company motto is “Live your Legacy.” So many things can stop you, but there are so many more things out there to help you achieve your own goals and dreams. My cracked and bleeding hands were a limiting factor for me, now there are times I stare at them as a beautiful piece of art. Eliminate the barriers in your way. Overcome them and help others do the same. Live your own legacy. I hope you love every moment.