Soap Care

Here are a few tips and tricks for getting the most from your handcrafted soap. 

 When your soap starts to get small, grab a new bar of soap and lather both the new bar and the "loved" bar.  Then stick them together with the newer piece on top (for the weight) and leave it overnight.  The older piece will now be stuck to the newer piece and you've saved every last drop of this magnificent soap.  You’re Welcome!

  Store your extra soaps in a paper bag, like a brown lunch bag.  The older your soap is, the harder the bar will be.  (We let it cure for 6 weeks, twice as long as normal, for the sole purpose of providing you with a firmer bar as soon as you get it.) 

Also, the paper bag will help to preserve the essential oils used in the soap.  Smart and effective!

 When your soap sits in its suds, it will break down faster and won't last as long. The solution? Keep it dry! Store your soap on a vented soap dish that allows water to drip off, ensuring your bar lasts longer.

Use a soap dish made from natural materials. This prevents any chemicals used in synthetic materials from transferring from your dish to your soap, and onto your skin. 

Bamboo is a fabulous choice for a soap dish since it won't absorb moisture, which means it won't swell or warp. Bamboo is sustainable and recyclable. Bamboo also has some incredible properties - it's naturally antibacterial, odor-repellent, and insect-repellent. Pretty awesome stuff!

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