New Year, New Website, New Blends!

Welcome to 2022!
We're starting the New Year with an updated website featuring new unique essential oil blends for you to choose from.  Two of the new blends are shown below.  💖
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Clean Air

A beautiful blend of aniseed, cedarwood, and orange. Combined they do an excellent job of cleaning strong odors like fish and garlic.

Aniseed is known for getting rid of strong odors like fish & garlic.  For an added bonus, it is also known for helping heal wounds. Cedarwood is said to help deodorize, repel insects, and increase concentration. Orange essential oil is known to reduce stress, lift moods, and aid in antimicrobial activity such as treating acne.

Adding oats will not only gently exfoliate your skin, but when used on irritated dry skin, it is known to soothe and soften.

We've wrapped up the glorious essential oils in our celebrated goat milk soap, gifting you with a soap in a class of its own.


Aloe Vera

Enjoy the qualities Aloe Vera is known for - stimulating the growth of new cells while moisturizing and soothing. 

Feel great in your skin while using natural and organic ingredients. Knock down the barriers in your life while you live your legacy. Order yours today, while supplies last.


One of our goals this year is to add more positivity to life. One way we'll be doing that is by adding a Featured Quote at the end of each blog. Hope you enjoy them!